Network Operation Center

Monitoring services

Availability – measurement of devices availiability carrying out by ICMP Ping/SNMP
Response time – devices answer time for ICMP Ping
Packet loss – loss of the packets to devices
Interface utilization – the percentage usage of interfaces
Routing table – changes in routing table
CPU load – usage of CPU
Memory used – usage of memory
Hardware status power supply/fan – status and information about FAN/Power
Ip Sla – test of the communication parameters between sites
Inventory – CMDB of devices
Devices number – list of devices
Interface number – number of interfaces
Volume number – number of volumes

Trecom Network Operation Center

Our center provides monitoring services based on our in-house developed modern infrastructure with an aim of collecting data on the accessibility and efficiency of particular components of the IT infrastructure. This provides the ability to analyze faults, as well as pro-actively react to any dangers that might occur both outside and inside the network before they transform into a concrete breakdown.

An additional advantage, coming from the point of view of ensuring continuity of services and providing network efficiency, is the conclusion of recurring reports which indicate the level of previously established parameters, both technical and business. The reports can be generated upon each request from the Client and cover any time period subject to the monitoring services.

Scope of activities

Trecom Network Operation Center provides monitoring services in the following areas:

  • SAN/ LAN/ WAN network infrastructure (switches, routers, hardware firewalls, matrixes)
  • monitoring of applications
  • VoIP environment
  • virtual environment

Furthermore, within our monitoring services we can also monitor all components of network infrastructure responding to SNMP protocol. In case of monitoring only the accessibility, this is conducted with the use of responses from ICMP Ping tools.

Monitoring parameters

Trecom Network Operation Center is able to monitor thresholds of the following parameters:

  • accessibility
  • time of response
  • packet loss
  • use of interfaces
  • conditions of power supplies and fans
  • CPU and processor usage load

Our competences

Trecom Network Operation Center is a team ensuring swift detection and removal of failures on time. All this is due to division of competences between two support lines.

L1 is a line working around the clock, responsible for constant monitoring of the Client’s network infrastructure. In case of an event from the monitoring system, L1 not only registers the failure immediately in the Trecom reporting system but also conducts an initial diagnosis of the problem and continues to supervise the failure’s progress. Thanks to our constant, round-the-clock supervision, there is no possibility for the SLA to be exceeded.

L2 is a team of engineers with the highest network qualifications certified by manufacturers. This line is responsible for verifying the problem and final reparation of either hardware or software failure. Furthermore, the L2 team remains at Client’s disposal in case of any technical questions, configuration changes as well as technical consultations regarding the current network infrastructure.

The advantages of implementing the services:

  • ensuring continuity of operations of IT systems
  • minimization of costs related to network failures of specific infrastructure components
  • IT support provided by certified engineers
  • single Point of Contact in order to improve communication
  • full infrastructure monitoring in 24×7 regime
  • full acknowledgment of the IT infrastructure encouraging further developments by new components

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